Belgium Football

Football is one of the most popular sport games in Belgium, as well as in the rest of Europe. Belgium national team is one of the strongest second-tier team and is known as the "Red Devils". Belgium football can be characterized as innovative and incredibly stubborn.

The first official football game in Belgium was played in 1904 when they played in a draw against France. Prior to the official match, Belgium national team played several times against Netherlands, one of the games was on April 28, 1901. That time Belgium bit Netherlands 8:0 but that game cannot be counted as it was played with the help of several Englishmen on the Belgium side. But it developed a tradition for “Devils” and “Oranges” (that's the name of the holand's team) to play together 2 times a year.

In the near decades, Belgium established itself as a strong team that might not win but won’t give up easyly neither abroad nor at home. A defensive tactic of the off-side trap created by Pierre Sinibaldi, a French coach, became a key-strength of the team for a very long time.

Belgium’s most successful time began in 1980 when the team managed to come second during the EURO 1980. The years of 1980-1990 are considered to be the golden decade of the national team. Guy Thys, who coached the team during a hundred's official game, was the one to establish reputation of a strong and stubborn team for Belgium. The team had a rigorous play that was accompanied by the world class football stars such as a goalkeeper Jean-Marie Pfaff or one of the best strikers Luk Nilis. 

Tremendous speed and well-planned game made it to the list of one of the most dangerous teams in the world to play with. Back in 2002 Belgium national team made it to the finals of the World Cup against Brazil and it could have won unless a disallowed goal that seemed to surprise Brazilians too. The Red Devils lost their game and it didn't prove its past rankings.

If to talk about Belgium football clubs, we can point out two champions: Anderlecht and Brugge clubs.  

F.C. Anderlecht is the most successful Belgium club. It has 5 European troffees and 30 wins in Belgium Premier Pro league. The team also won 9 Belgian Cups and holds a record of being the most consecutive champion by winning 5 Belgium championships in a row. “Purple and White” team was formed in 1908 and reached its first high level in 1921. They won their first trophy after the World War II and since that time they have never left the rank of Belgium six best football clubs. 

Brugge club was established in 1891 that makes it the oldest football club in Belgium and also one of two most prominent Belgium teams. Brugge is the only Belgium club to participate in the final of the most prestigious European tournament- UEFA Champions league. Throughout the club’s history, it managed to reach 2 European finals and 2 European semi-finals.